A day of… Apples!?

Good evening, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed my very rushed morning… Today I’ve had a very interesting day.

It mainly consisted of Apples – granted that is a bit weird, but still, an excellent day happened.

I spent my morning, the same as yesterday – though I’m sure my dreams are getting much, much stranger! I’ve never had so much de ja vu in my life!

Enough about dreams though, after putting a lovely woollen coat on my daughter this morning, which had a teddy bear on the back of the coat, “Awww”. We left the house with smiles on our faces. Also, I managed to rip my weekly ticket in half – It wasn’t on purpose, honest!

It was also the first day that we went to nursery and my daughter walked in after giving me a kiss on the cheek and shouted, “Bye, bye, Daddy! I love you!” and off she went. She is the glimmer of my eye, and thereafter, my mind became frazzled with the concept of apples.

I packed a few apples in my bag anyway, but then after walking into the canteen I found in front of me, yet more apples. So many to choose from? Why apples?

“Please bring an apple into class today, I’ll tell you why when you’re here.” wrote my tutor in an email addressed to the class.

I did have a ponder on the type of apple I wanted to bring, anyway – the one of two I carried was perfect, that mix of green and dark red, and that shine that glimmered off of the skin – you know the one.

After my first lesson was over, where I embarrassingly told the class a story of my daughter and I’s trip to Barry Island, where I ended up with urine running down my leg, as my daughter was sat on my lap… That never happened before then! I don’t plan on letting it happen again!

When I arrived into the lesson I was told we had to write half a page of typed letters, or two book pages of written work on the physical features of an apple…

So, it went a little like this: (we also had to name our apple)

Apple’s Eve 
The blushing red cheeks consuming the lighter green skin almost hide the wrinkled fore-head, and aged face. There are hundreds of little green dots amongst the red, amassing like tiny stars in a cloudless sky. With a scar on the lower back, and a layer of green tearing through the red flesh on the front it stands balanced, without bruises, or broken stem. The stem stands pointed, brown, and grubby. Whereas the bottom tufts like how hair would be on a turtle’s head, if a turtle had hair. Two black grazes pierce the beautiful red skin, and show how life continues on. A couple of brown dents on the top of the head, proves nothing, stands perfect forever. The fresh smell of a green-like forest, gives a distinct sensation that invokes a presence that could possibly be the start of all life, from a single tree.

and there we go, that is how we write a ridiculous amount on apples, but wait!

It doesn’t stop there!

I had to then write a poem on my memory of an apple, and seeing as it was called Apple’s Eve, it proved fitting to write a poem about the story of Adam and Eve. I know, my poetry is terrible! But here it went,

Apple’s eve…

The tempting seduction

Of the blushing red apple,


The sweet, souring taste,

And soft, shining skin,


Gazes full of desire,

But only one taste,


It stirs the hunger of

the most idolised mankind


Adam, perhaps?

No, it is – Eve’s apple.

Well… I hope you like it, I won’t tell you the boring bit about me having to chase my daughter around the canteen after class. We’ll leave it at the lesson!


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