The start of a typical day, in a typical way.

Good morning everyone,

I’ve already been up for the last 5 hours, so it feels like I’m drifting through my day.

The moment I awoke, a sense of nostalgia crept into my thoughts as for the last two months I’ve awoke the same way, staring out of a crack in the blinds that hang on the window. Everything was still, and silent. I still had so many chores to do, yet so little time. I decided to sit there for a moment, close my eyes, and just listen to the silence. I heard no cars passing, no creepy crawly’s lurking around. (Those darn spiders are always getting in, somehow.)

As soon as I sighed, and felt relaxed for the first time in days, my alarm soon caused me to spring out of bed in an effort to stop it before it woke my daughter….

I stopped it, pressed the sheep with his eyes open on my phone, (Brilliant app, right?) and stopped all movement for what felt like an hour. Sat still as a statue, listening to anything move. I was in luck. I got up, picked up my clothes off the floor, (I was so tired last night I fell into bed.), and opened my door…. to hear the sound of, “DAAADDDDYYYYYY!” from behind the other bedroom door.

She did wake, she just wanted to make sure I was up and moving.

So, our morning began, one minute breakfasts, and speedy showers, chasing my daughter around the house trying to dry her hair, and throwing our clothes on as fast as we can. Then preparing for our day, only 10 minutes left, and with time running out I hear, “Daddy, I need another wee!” so the bags fly off, the coat already on the floor, and a quick dash upstairs (We are potty training). Then comes the mad rush to the bus stop, which luckily enough waited for us before moving past our house.

(It is so different living up here, from Newport.) Living closer to uni, yet far enough to get two buses there, makes sense, right?

I took Aria’s (my daughter’s) umbrella with us today, so that opened and closed on the bus 6 times on a ten minute journey, and when we finally got off, I woke up by having to chase her up and down the bus station as she found it amusing to, “Make daddy run”. I’m not sure I’m happy with my daughter receiving my sense of humour though.

I had a few good morning’s from people passing, and Aria ran towards two girls waiting for their college bus to show her ‘cool’ umbrella to. (Minnie Mouse, bought it myself ;)) and within the next few minutes we were on the bus to my university for 8am. We climbed the hill to the sound of singing birds and people ‘um-ing and aw-ing’ at the fact that my daughter was using her umbrella as a walking stick shouting, “HA!” every time she hit it into the concrete floor.

By the time we got up the hill, I was more exhausted than she was, and it was the first time she walked into nursery without a single tear. It has taken a while to get her used to going, as we spent the summer together, practically every day.

So, I sent her in with a backpack full of drinks, nappies, spare clothes, and oh…. darn, forgot the wet wipes, so as soon as she walked in I made a dash for the nearest shop to give in the wet wipes, as the only form of tissue she had in her bag was for her, maybe not so nice on the cheeks.

That was the start of the morning, when I finally sat down, with my fruit cocktail and super-sized giant filter coffee with a portion of milk fit for a King, I opened my laptop to begin writing two character bibles. I did 5 yesterday,  and I did two today, side by side, father and son.

The character bible will be explained in detail on the page “What is a Character bible” but it is all in preparation for my book, ‘Soul’s Rest – the Soul of a Wolf’ (Oh look, a picture of it below)

Soul's Rest - the Soul of a Wolf
Soul’s Rest – the Soul of a Wolf

I can’t believe how productive I’ve been with my work since I’ve began university. I used to do one bible a day, or even a week, I did 5 yesterday, and 2 at once today.

But, so far, that is all for now, I have planned reading, and writing until later today, and then it is my morning in reverse to go home. Today, was a day without a lesson, but a much needed day of reading and writing.

Thank you for reading.


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